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Here’s how the American left are about to follow Hitler

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It’s official, the American liberal left have become pathologically hateful on an international scale.

For decades, such people have engaged in domestic sectarian politics by both exploiting latent racial and ethnic tensions. When that became ‘passé’, they simply invented new sectarian groups which were inorganic in their composition. Most of these invented groups were based on a combination of constructed gender identity ‘issues’, drug and surgery induced body modification and beyond that, various lifestyles which were elevated to the level of proper socio-political sects.

Now though, these tactics of hatred and division have been internationalised. Having failed to unite the country by dividing America among American citizens of various background or lifestyles(something which should have been obvious), the Democrats are now using these same tactics in an international context. They have found their ‘other’, their ‘scapegoat’. They have found a single ‘sect’ which all of their divergent sects can now unite against. It’s called Russia and Russians.

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have invented an enemy of each one of their home grown sects. It represents an attempt to undo the damage they created in pitting American black against American white, American family man versus American libertine, American church goer versus American atheist, American moralist versus American pervert, American woman versus American man, American Jew against American gentile, American born Asian versus American born Hispanic.

Now they can all unite against a distant enemy about which they know little and up until recently, cared even less.

The choice of Russia isn’t as mysterious as one might think. Russia opposes political, religious and other forms of sectarianism at home and generally distances it self from such things abroad. Russia does not base its society on ideology but instead on tradition in terms of cultural thinking and pragmatism in terms of political decisions.

The Russian ruling classes value Christianity over perversion and hedonism. Furthermore, Russia supports allies abroad based on loyalty and international law rather than due to ideological zeal and dogmas.

The fact that Donald Trump even hinted at representing a fraction of these things at a domestic level was enough for the Democrats and those who think like them to unite the two.

Reports have surfaced that liberal-left protests over the summer seek to target Donald Trump with Russia, but more importantly Donald Trump and Russia. In other words, the protesters will not only be screaming about Trump’s fictitious ties with Russia,  but they will be screaming about Russia itself.

The American left have successfully transformed themselves into that which their forebearers claimed to have hated; open racists.

In today’s fascist Ukraine, it is typical for mobs of mainly young men to shout ‘death to the Muscovy (a racist term for Russians), death to Jews, death to Poles’.

I should think that perhaps the American protesters may be a tad more sophisticated than repeating disgusting Nazi slogans from the 1930s, but the aggregate effect is the same.

In an odd way one might see something worse, one might see the parading of vicious stereotypes about Russians, that reach a level of specificity that far eclipses the ‘death chants’ of Ukrainian fascists. Get ready for Russians to be painted as barbarous vodka drinkers out to corrupt the ‘placidity’ of an imagined west. Get ready for ‘evil Russian women’ using their bodies as weapons. Get ready for a Russian government ready to destroy the secular west with its Orthodox faith, an ancient faith which even some western religious conservatives have little respect for.

Like all race based hatreds, it is important to create artificial unity on the home front  by directing aggression against ‘the other’.

The Democrats and their love of identity politics destroyed a once tepidly unified American society. Now they must reunite it if they are to win elections against bland, but straightforward flag-waving Republicans. They are not doing so with promises renewed industrial prosperity, nor with an apology about decades of divisive policies.

They are doing it using one of the methods that Hitler used to unite his Reich: race hatred of Russians.

They used to save ‘love Trumps hate’, now it turns out it is hate which trumps both tolerance for the worlds millions of Russians and also for a totally non-hateful, non-racist, however flawed man called Donald Trump.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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