‘Are you working for RT?’ – State Dept’s Heather Nauert rips Matt Lee for daring to question US actions (VIDEO)

When AP reporter Matt Lee challenged the unprecedented infringement of the immunity of Russia’s diplomatic property, he was accused of working for Moscow


US State Dept spokeswoman Heather Nauert had an epic fail when veteran AP reporter and established critic of US foreign policy, Matt Lee, challenged Nauert on Washington’s unprecedented and outrageous violation of Moscow’s diplomatic premises.

Rather than answer the question, Nauert accused Lee of being a Russian agent:

Heather Nauert came to the post of US State Department spokeswoman four months ago from her position as co-host of the FOX News morning show “Fox & Friends.”

Her total dearth of foreign policy knowledge, or even of basic geography or history, was clearly evident at her first press conference which she bungled through with the help of a large binder the size of three full Oxford English dictionaries.

Since then she has somewhat stepped up her game, but quickly loses patience and becomes short with any reporter who asks an uncomfortable question; that is to say, any question of any significance.

Nauert also described the egregious violation of international law and established diplomatic practice as an American “tour” of the Russian facilities. That earned a quick rebuke from Lee, and several other reporters joined in:

Matt Lee is a veritable legend in the US State Department press pool – being one of the few American reporters which access who dares to speak truth to power. He’s adroitly dealt with Nauert’s predecessors on the job who frankly, were more able than she.

Nauert better get on the ball. Because we can definitely expect more challenges from Lee and some of his braver colleagues to come.

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