Guess which country just censored the most popular search engine and social media platform in Russian speaking countries

America made Google and Facebook–Russia made Yandex and VK

The Russian speaking world uses Google and Facebook, but even more popular than these American made online products are Yandex and VK (VKontakte).

Yandex is a powerful search engine while VK is the most popular social media platform in Russian speaking countries. VK also generally is prone to far less censorship that Facebook. This has become increasingly true in recent years which has lead to VK’s increased popularity in non-Russian speaking countries.


But both Yandex and VK have become the victims of government censorship by the Ukrainian regime, in spite of the fact that the country’s millions of Russians and Russian speakers prefer these sites to Google and Facebook.


Many believe that the Ukrainian regime does not possess the technical wherewithal to actually take the sites off-line.

Currently VK has over 15 million monthly users in Ukraine while Yandex has 11 million per month.

Furthermore, the move, if successful could cost the Ukrainian economy over $1 billion in two years.

People have expressed outrage at Kiev’s move, comparing it to something that would happen in North Korea.

Many have also commented on the hypocrisy of the leader of the Ukrainian regime using VK to post a selfie the day before issuing the ban.

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regolo gellini
regolo gellini
August 9, 2017

Porkoshenko can die tomorrow and nobody will care !

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