The Great Russian Aggression against America – 5 reasons it is not happening  

Why would Russia even think of truly undermining the U.S. as Americans are forcing their own civil war upon themselves?

1. The U.S. out spends the entire world on defence when it comes to military budgets. Why would Russia contemplate subduing a country that neglects its own infrastructure while it nation-builds abroad? Candidate Donald Trump rightly complained that the US was spending ‘trillions’ in the Middle East while domestic infrastructure was crumbling. He was right, Americans knew it at the time and Russians get the message loud and clear.

2.Russia is actually focused on home. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the arrival of Vladimir Putin, Russia is all about protecting itself – nation-building at home and preparing for western aggression, which is very real in the eyes of Russia’s elected ruling elite. With NATO troops massed on Russia’s borders, Russia like any country in its position, would be foolish not to take necessary precautions.

3.It’s true – the Kremlin does take immense pleasure watching Washington’s neocon-liberal media cabal bumbling and stumbling all over the world. Just because the Russians enjoy watching this does not mean it is their fault.

putin popcorn

4.Russia didn’t rig the U.S. presidential election – though there is overwhelming evidence that the Clinton campaign screwed Bernie Sanders and that ex-FBI Director James Comey politically intervened in the election repeatedly. There is no evidence Russia had anything to do with either. Furthermore, what does it say about America’s self-proclaimed superiority if it is so easy for a foreign power to supposedly hack its political system? Either America is the world’s strongest superpower or it is a little weak victim of big bad Russia. It cannot be both!

5.Russia is amused by all of this. With no facts presented and no evidence made public, Russia is claimed to determine all political outcomes far from its own control. The west should not fear or worry about Russia, it should actually consider its own internal decay and eventual collapse. Russia isn’t the danger; the west’s post-modernist political culture is.


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