Golf rounds, George W. Bush vs. Barack H. Obama [CHART]

As the Iraq melt down now becomes Obama’s foreign policy legacy, it’s safe to say that former President George W. Bush and the current POTUS Barack H. Obama are connected forever by the spectre that is the Iraq war.  If Afghanistan was Obama’s war which Bush started, Iraq was Bush’s war that Obama lost.  

Of course when comparing the two presidencies it goes without saying that President Obama also started conflicts in half a dozen other Middle East countries and Ukraine, permanently burning the bridge that is Vladimir Putin, for whom George W. had a close and cooperative relationship with.

One more activity connects these two Presidents, their love for golf and recreation.  Former President Bush was harshly criticised by the liberal media for his frequent breaks from the U.S. Presidency to spend time at his Crawford ranch or hit the golf links.  Obama, has not received much criticisms for his golf addiction and has, for all practical purposes, received a pass from the main stream media.

It would only be fair then to present the chart below, comparing the golf rounds played by Bush and Obama during their tenure in office.

Golf Game_0

I think we can fully agree that Obama crushes George W. when it comes to golf rounds since taking office, and keep in mind Barack has another two long years of office ahead. So as the world burns in wars, coups, drones, NSA spying and utter chaos, feel safe knowing that POTUS Barack Obama is hard at work and has everything under control.

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