Glory Ukraine? The Kiev government are such losers they can’t even get fascism right

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Ukraine’s government officials and parliament members love to sing the praises of their master race. They continuously let the world know how special Ukraine is.

All of this, of course, is done to distance Ukraine from its Russian ethnicity and Soviet history (for which it owes its very existence as a country), in order to build a modern neo-fascist nation state in Europe.

The problem with Ukraine’s “new-found” pride in its nationalist glory, is that its really bad at being, for lack of a better word, Ukrainian.

Seriously, if you had to give Ukraine’s government a “Glory Ukraine” fascism score from 1 to 10…they would barely score above 2 in aggregate.

The clowns running this sinking ship can’t do anything right. They definitely can’t do anything on their own. Which is odd, because one would think such a master race of winners would need help from no one.

Being heavy on the nationalist trash talk would naturally mean your country has the capability to go it alone without any foreign, “inferior” intervention.

In Ukraine’s case, the government’s glorification process is all sizzle and no steak. Everyone is to blame for all their woes, but on their own these guys and gals can’t do anything right.

Let’s begin with the most recent news to hit the airwaves, State Assets.


Ok, Yats is looking to sell Ukraine’s prime state assets. In other words, the heart and soul of Ukraine’s national interests are going up for auction to foreign entities.

What kind of fascism is Yats running? I thought fascism was all about securing national self-sufficiency and independence, not selling it away for a dime and some ice cream.

“Glory Ukraine” fascism score: 1

Let’s look at economic prosperity and the strength of the national currency, the hryvnia.

Via Global Research…

Ukraine is bankrupt. Its economy is in free-fall. Its Q I 2015 GDP plunged 17.6% year-over-year. It’s a virtual sinkhole of Depression – dependent on outside financial aid to prevent collapse.

Ukraine is holding talks to restructure is sovereign and state-guaranteed debt. It has a $15 billion funding gap to resolve.

Bondholders reject Ukraine’s lack of good faith. Kiev proposed extending maturity on its bonds and reducing the coupon it pays.

“We want to pay, but (only) under the terms proposed by the Ukrainian government,” its illegitimate prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk blustered.

Default, bankruptcy, debt to creditors who are now turning the screws on your nation.

When you are in debt your are enslaved…and Ukraine is enslaved by just about everyone from the IMF, to the US, to bankers, and fund mangers, the EU and Russia. I think Ukraine actually owes me a couple of bucks as well…pay up!

“Glory Ukraine” fascism score: 1

A bright spot, controlling media and information.

Via Mashable:

The Ukraine government has established a department that critics are calling the “Ministry of Truth” — borrowing a term from George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984.

Officially called the Ministry of Information Policy, the new office will be headed by Yuriy Stets, head of the Information Security Department of the National Guard of Ukraine. A close ally to President Petro Poroshenko, Stets was formerly chief producer of the TV channel that Poroshenko sill owns.

While its main objective appears to be confronting Russia’s formidable propaganda machine, the Ministry is likely to also restrict free speech and inhibit journalists’ work — particularly in war-torn eastern Ukraine, according to observers.

They pretty much got the whole suppress media thing down. They obviously had great consulting from their US/EU western media mentors who fully understand how to zombify a society.

“Glory Ukraine” fascism score: 8

Leadership, a cornerstone of the fascist state. How can you preach ethnic superiority without having leadership that is pure blood?

Via Global Research…

Ukraine’s New Cabinet. Includes Foreign Technocrats Granted Ukrainian Citizenship on the Day of Their Appointment.

Natalia Yaresko, a former U.S. citizen of Ukrainian descent, become the finance minister, and Aivaras Abromavicius, a former Lithuanian national, took charge of the ministry of economic development and trade. Alexander Kvitashvili, a former Georgian citizen, became the health minister.

Three top level foreigners/George Soros agents in the cabinet…We’ll give you three points.

“Glory Ukraine” fascism score: 3

A strong fascist state must have a strong military of proud Ukrainians.

Ok, so they lost a civil war, twice, to Novorrussia, and they need a ton of US/foreign help, but at least morale and confidence in the master race is improving now after all the bad ass US/NATO help, correct?

Via Sputnik News Agency

The morale of Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donbass is “weak,” the command center of Ukrainian Armed Forces concluded, according to Donetsk News Agency.

Classified documents with the findings of the Ukrainian army were intercepted by intelligence specialists of Donbas militia.

“Poor morale leads to alcohol abuse and violation of the military discipline among soldiers, according to statistical data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the growth of crime committed against the civilian population,” the intercepted documents of the inspection group revealed.

Furthermore, Ukrainian soldiers are not allowed to use their cell phones, and thus they cannot be in touch with their family and the loved ones. All military personnel are banned from going into cities and other large settlements, as well as travel outside of Donbass, the source reported.

The command center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is worried that with the current state of morale, when soldiers are coerced to carry out military tasks, there is a high chance the soldiers will flee their positions to save their own lives if hostilities resume.

A couple of points for looking to build a strong fascist military. Also a point for beefing it up with National Guard units, aka Right Sector neo-nazis.

But, allowing foreigners on your precious soil, running amok, harassing your women and busting up your fascist stronghold city of Lviv. Major deductions for that.

“Glory Ukraine” fascism score: 3

How about the quality of life for the special race and master class.



Ouch. So much for EU prosperity. Ukraine got Greece’ed and Cyprus’ed all in one go…by foreign bankster to boot.

“Glory Ukraine” fascism score: 1


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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