Glezos: Don't even think of giving away the name "Macedonia"

Another prominent figure of the Greek left attacks SYRIZA over its apparent willingness to compromise on the Macedonia name

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Following Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis’ endorsement of protests over the Macedonia name issue, another prominent left-winger has come out against use of the name by the regime in Skopje.
Manolis Glezos, one of two Greek students who famously tore down the swastika from the Acropolis during the Nazi occupation, has called upon the Greek government not to give in to pressure nor sign an agreement with FYROM that includes the word Macedonia.
In an article published by Greek newspaper Kathimerini, Glezos warns politicians in Skopje to forget the term.

“Once more, the Greek nation is being driven to critical and historical decisions via a framework of threats. Threats from NATO and its owners, the USA.
It is being driven into decisions which have already being taken, if we seriously take into account the statements and the approach of Mathew Nimetz.
For them, it is another triumph to force a government which declares itself to be leftist, to accept and to follow these decisions in order to facilitate the expansion of an evil military coalition such as NATO.
A country that has handed over everything to its lenders, even its national independence, has little room to react.
Its only weapon which has remained is a broad front of the people who will unite and rise up, alongside all the forces that express such sentiments, apart from those who are nostalgic of Hitler.
The handling of this issue was mistaken. Instead of the immediate coordination of a meeting of political leaders, comprised of a broad range of personalities, we had secret diplomacy and leaks.
Instead of a broader cooperation, a government and an opposition tried to gain partisan benefits, placing their interests above Macedonia, above what they themselves characterize, repeating this at every opportunity, national interest.
Instead of unity, division. Instead of a “broad national front,” a frenzy of hatred.
I have often lived through, alongside our people, a “pan-national uprising.” The saga of 1940, the German invasion, the Battle of Crete, the major events of the occupation, our liberation, the 1960’s decade, the aftermath of the fall of the Junta and what came after, events which resulted in both victories and bitter defeats.
This is not occurring today, and there is an explanation. The majority of people see the (political) party machines as caring only for the party and personal interest.
It is evident to a large section of the citizens that the passion for power outweighs the interests the country and its peoples.
Government and opposition are in conflict, ignoring Macedonia. They don’t understand that they are signing checks that can’t be honored.
Unfortunately, the forces of the left are divided and are unable at this stage to intervene, to show who is responsible for this new crisis regarding the name of our neighbors. They are still searching for the rhetoric which will unite the people.
The participation of the people in both rallies was great, but it is not enough. The forces that organized these rallies concealed those who are truly responsible and attempted to direct the justified anger of the people towards directions which serve the organizers’ interests and not towards a direction that will help deliver a solution that will be acceptable to the people of this nation.
How can the people trust them when they have an unmistakable instinct? There is an immediate need for the aims of the movement to be clarified so the people can adopt it and condemn those forces that are dragging the government into a disastrous solution.
We should not be those who simply provide cover to the expansion of NATO, acceding to its demands.
If we don’t achieve this, developments will be rapid and harmful to our country.
We must be clear towards our neighbors. All peoples are characterized by:
1) Their language
2) Their morals and common traditions
3) Their religion
4) Their desire to achieve national independence
5) The desire by the whole nation, not just a few
A people can enact self-determination. However, they lose any connection with their own history when they engage in hetero-determination. Therefore, do not even think about using the word Macedonia in any form, and instead use an identifier which is based on your history, your language, your morals and traditions, your desire for a peaceful coexistence with all of your neighbors, that which expresses the entirety of your nation and not just a section of it.”


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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