Get your ISIS T-shirts and hoodies online

Taking over Iraq, stealing billions in U.S. military hardware, robbing banks, publishing terror catalogs and even trolling Michelle Obama on Twitter was not enough.  Now ISIS is getting in on the merchandise business with t-shirts and hoodies.

ISIS has already showed the world how savvy they are at utilising social media outlets like Twitter and Youtube to recruit new fighters and distribute jihadist material. ISIS is also not shy about using social media to mock the very people they are fighting. The jihadists have become so popular that they are building a “terror brand” to rival al-Qaida, with supporters worldwide following the brutal exploits of the Islamist group through its Twitter updates or downloading the group’s own app.

The International Business Times reports on ISIS new merchandise ‘business’:

Now supporters can show their loyalty to the group by sporting a T-shirt or hoodie emblazoned with the group’s black and white jihadist logo, after the items went on sale on Facebook.

The T-shirts, which are being sold on Indonesia-based websites, cost as little as $7 to $13, and have been on sale for several months, reports Vocativ.

With more than 9,000 likes on Facebook, retailer Zirah Moslem on its website calls itself a purveyor of “Islamic style” and sells clothing that promotes a range of Islamist groups.

In one design, emblazoned with the slogan “Mujahideen Around the World/ United We Stand”, figures wearing keffiyeh and brandishing weapons pose like characters on a Hollywood movie poster.

Kaos Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (Isis) sells T-shirts under the outdoor wear/sporting goods section with the name Isis alongside pictures of Kalashnikov rifles and a globe, presumably signifying the group’s plans for world domination.

Other Indonesia-based companies selling jihad-themed clothing online include Kavkaz Struggle Wear, which sells T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “I Love Jihad” in English and Arabic, and Rezji Islamic Clothing and Shop, which advertises small figures of Isis fighters, which come with a free sticker.

Content, publishing, banking, social media, jihad, merchandise, war, branding…is an IPO around the corner for ISIS? 


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