Germany’s World Cup hero and his supermodel girlfriend can teach men a lesson about social value

Women love athletes. All men have been conditioned to accept this fact as early as junior high school…the quarterback always dated the head cheerleader.

Men who are talented enough to go from high school sports star to professional athlete are highly likely to pair up with beautiful women. They may not be head cheerleaders (anymore), but the women who date pro athletes are usually supermodels, actresses, singers, and always smoking hot.

This brings us to Mario Goetze, the German midfielder who scored the game-winning goal against Argentina in the 113th-minute, and who (after his historic World Cup strike), was seen sharing the moment with his model/singer girlfriend, Ann-Kathrin Brommel, on the Maracanã stadium pitch.

The photo went viral and Ann Kathrin Brommel, who is…you guessed it, a model/singer, became a sensation in her own right. The classic icon of a pro athlete with the model by his side, celebrating the thrill of victory.

Browsing the photos and social media posts that highlighted the moment between the couple can reveal a lot of red pill truth that men can learn from, and carry with them going forward in life. What are these truths…well let’s list them in short order, with the photos from Goetze and Brommel as inspiration to all guys out there.

1. Be the star of your own movie. Do not be a part of someone else’s film.


This is Goetze’s script, production and feature film.  He wrote, directed and stars in the story of his life. The female lead is part of his film, his World Cup victory and his on field celebration. Don’t be an actor in someone else’s production, but be the leading man in your own movie. Female leads will eventually audition for parts in your movie, cast carefully.

2. Focus and master a talent, hobby, business…anything that brings you joy and value.


For Goetze, he was lucky to develop a talent as a pro footballer which gave him riches, fame and women…but every man can be great at something within his own universe. Find that something you enjoy doing and focus to be great at it.  It could be a business (maybe you are an awesome manager), a hobby (like music, writing, or working out) or a natural talent (maybe you’re an awesome dancer). Whatever that something is, work hard to master it…women will take notice.   

3. Celebrate your victories in life…big or small.


If you have the supermodel girl by your side, great. If not, fuck it. Go out and celebrate your World Cup moments regardless of who is with or without you. Go out with friends, co-workers or by yourself, just make sure to go out and celebrate life’s victories, big or small. Job promotions, acing an exam, hitting big gains in the gym…whatever it is, recognise the achievement and celebrate World Cup style.  

4. Women want men of status and social value. They want to be with men better than themselves.

Mario-Goetze-and-Ann-Kathrin-Brommel (1)

Build yourself up as best you can. Lift weights, read books, cut TV, learn a language, travel…just try and be the best you can be. We cannot all be pro athletes, movie stars, or business billionaires, but we can be the best version of ourselves, and that will attract women who, despite feminist dogma, are by nature looking for a man to inspire them. Just do things, actions, that increase your social value and status.

If you are alone, then take advantage of that down time to build yourself up into something better…think of it as a version upgrade of yourself. Every book you read, every set you do, every country you visit is like depositing social value money in the bank…the social value adds up and eventually pays off in the form of status. Women love to be around men of high status. Remember…women are sexual objects, men are status objects.

5. Do all the above for you and only you! Trophies and women will come and go.    


Yes, the best women flock to men who display the traits and characteristics of a winner. People love winners…but screw it all, be the best man you can be for you and only you. You can only control your world, your universe…everything else is variable and chaotic, so whatever you do to make your movie a blockbuster make sure you do it for you, not someone else. 

Congratulations Germany and congratulations Mario Goetze, you are living the dream, and deservedly so.  

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July 16, 2014

You forgot to add he is also very, very handsome.

Reply to  Juliano
July 17, 2014

no he’s not, i’d peg at him at slightly above average. no way in hell he’d be pulling her if he was some guy off the street who looked like that

Reply to  jh
July 17, 2014

I agree…dude is not Ronaldo looks, but a footballer, any footballer, will get top tier women.

July 17, 2014

She is hot…but not sure if she is supermodel material.

July 17, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Germany #WorldCup hero and his supermodel girlfriend can teach men a lesson about social value

July 17, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Germany #WorldCup hero and his supermodel girlfriend can teach men a lesson about social value

July 18, 2014

All  good– the dude has game on a few fronts 

Hello world!

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