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Germany’s surging AfD party calls for recognition of Russian Crimea

Germans are increasingly rejecting Russophobia

Originally appeared on RussiaFeed

Alexander Gauland the man who will lead the Alternative for Germany party in the forthcoming elections has stated that the German government should recognise the fact that Crimea is officially reunited with Russia in the wake of 2014’s peaceful exercise in democratic self-determination when the residents of Crimea and the Federal City of Sevastopol voted to reunite with their Russian homeland.

The AfD is a new right-wing party what many have compared to Britain’s UKIP which helped spearhead the Brexit referendum. However, the issue of German reconciliation with Russia over Crimea transcends right and left as the liberal, Europeanist Free Democratic Party has also stated that Germany should accept the decision of the Crimean people to rejoin the Russian Federation.

This comes as the influential German business community has united around oppositions to further sanctions against Russia that they believe is harmful to important joint ventures, including the Nord Stream II energy project.

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Guillermo Calvo Mahe
August 19, 2017

An Obama – Clinton nightmare, unravelling of the nightmare they created.

Reply to  Guillermo Calvo Mahe
August 19, 2017

The destruction of Germany has been the ones of the primary aims of the Anglo-American secret elite ever since it was first organized in 1891 by such sociopaths as Alfred Milner, Cecil Rhodes, and Natty Rothschild.

Brad Golding
Brad Golding
August 21, 2017

How good would a partnership of Germany and Russia be! The souls of untold millions who died during WW II demand the 2 countries become the closest of friends. From the blood of their sacrifice there is a chance for a great friendship to arise.

Walter Dublanica
Reply to  Brad Golding
August 22, 2017

Germany is the west European power. A Russian/German alliance would push the U.S. out of Europe. U.S. is facing challenges from Berlin to Beijing and all the places in southern Asia. No wonder Trump looked so worried in his recent public address.

Germany’s surging AfD party calls for recognition of Russian Crimea

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