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Germany Returning Migrants to Greece

Via Infowars Europe:

Germany will soon send back migrants to Greece if they had already applied for asylum there.

The two countries made the deal at the behest of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose coalition government is on shaky ground due to increased opposition to her immigration policies.

“EU law states that refugees should apply for asylum in the first EU country they reach, but Germany has typically allowed newcomers with open applications elsewhere to reside in the country as it examines their claim,” reported the Wall Street Journal. “In practice, very few ever leave Germany, even if they fail to obtain asylum there.”

Germany’s policy contradicts claims that the migrants are “war refugees,” because if that were the case, they’d seek asylum at the nearest, non-wartorn country.

In fact, many of the migrants travel across multiple European countries, including Greece, to seek asylum in Germany, which under Merkel has offered comprehensive welfare to migrants.

Merkel’s recent immigration backtrack was also likely influenced by the backlash against open borders in neighboring countries, particularly Austria.

Austria has ramped up deportations under recently-appointed Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

“I’m convinced that the solution to the migrant problem lies with decent border protection and stronger help in countries of origin,” he said earlier this year.

Poland, Hungary and other Eastern European countries have similarly sealed off their borders to the chagrin of the EU, which had previous demanded “migrant quotas” for each member nation.

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Alberto Del Moro
Alberto Del Moro
September 5, 2018

The fact is that no one wants to take immigrants. Italy and Greece are left alone, others speak a lot over human rights but do nothing, when they don’t beat up the immigrants like Spanish and French police do. Europe is a perfect political non sense, better exiting like UK.

thomas malthaus
thomas malthaus
September 5, 2018

This should be negotiable, since Greece has nothing but debt and a small
GDP. Greece’s prime minister should ask for total forgiveness of debt to EU banks and central banks. Ask Draghi to print a 50 billion-plus euro grant to Athens, and let the chips fall.

Nobody wants them.

Rostislav Velká Morava
Rostislav Velká Morava
September 5, 2018

Now that Merkel is not getting her regular orders and support from the USA, she is becoming pragmatic. Her self preservation instincts finally kicked in, albeit a little late. However the German Sheep Populace Voters can always surprise and keep the Stockholm Syndrome going.

September 5, 2018

Germany’s behaviour towards Greece since 2008 clearly demonstrates that “once a bully, always a bully”. There was a joke going around in Greece some years ago about Angela Merkel arriving at Athens airport. When she goes through Immigration, an official asks her the usual series of questions. But when he gets to “Occupation?” she replies, “No, just a holiday this time”. Obviously Germany, and Frau Merkel in particular, are no longer subjects for joking in Greece. One thinks more of wax dolls with pins through their guts. The story of how German (and other) banks, fully supported by their political… Read more »

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