Russian S-400, Pantsir-S Air Defense to use ‘Artificial Intelligence’

AI can allow for faster reaction in a situation where every second counts

Russian air defense systems and rocketry, such as the S400s, were always top of the line, how could they not be; Russian rocketry put the first man in space. Now it seems that Russia will be incorporating some form of artificial intelligence into her advanced S-400s, and Pantsir-S Air Defense systems, to create, as Sputnik described it, “[an] automated air defense system [which] will reduce the decision-making time, facilitate the distribution of targets among air defense batteries.”. Sputnik reports:

Russia’s Aerospace Forces have tested the country’s first automated air defense control system with elements of artificial intelligence, Izvestiya reported, citing Defense Ministry sources in Moscow.

With the new system in place, the Russian air-defense forces will be able to respond to all situational changes in real time, bypassing the stage of analysis at command posts.

Currently, each anti-aircraft missile and radar installation has its own control which is absolutely vital given the high speed of modern aircraft and high density of air attacks.

A combination of all existing air defense systems and the use of each one’s fortes will create multiple lines of defense.

For example the S-400 Triumf air-defense system, effective against high-altitude targets, could be used in sync with the Pantsir-S missile-gun system, which is ideal in close combat situations.

This would ensure the effective destruction of aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, small drones and effective protection against fire by multiple rocket launchers.

As noted, Russian Air Defenses have always been famous for being arguably the best in the world. Russia has even developed the worlds first para-drop missile defense system, however, depending on how advanced this reported “Artificial Intelligence” really is, it could potentially be a game changer. As of now, it seems to be a major passive upgrade to the processing power of current systems, allowing for faster targetting and reaction in a situation where every second counts.


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