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July 9, 2021

The rate the Taliban is conquering Afghanistan looks al lot like the Vietnam disaster. Biden will probably have to pull out even sooner as proposed 31 of August.

July 9, 2021

Enjoyed the lives-tream thank you. However………….do not make football predictions which will come back to haunt you!

England are obviously not ‘one of the top two teams’ in the EURO’s. Italy perhaps. England only got past Denmark because of the Dutch referee, whom I think are presently some of the best referees money can buy these days.

England are average – on a good day, they could beat Italy…. but …………………..

July 10, 2021

Alex and Alexander, you asked: what is going on with the lockdown in Sydney, Australia? It is complicated but let me try to explain in as few words as possible. Government in Australia is a federation. We have a national (Federal) government and also more local State-based governments. This is an artefact of federation in 1901 when Australia became a nation. Prior to that, the now States were individual colonies, each accountable separately, independently and directly to the colonial government in London. With federation, the enacted constitution divided powers and responsibilities between the national (Federal) government and the States. So… Read more »

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