French Islamic teacher BEAT a 12 year old for ‘un-Koranic’ blonde hair

There is a MASSIVE double standard here

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The teacher of an Islamic school in France beat a 12-year-old student, and then forcibly shaved the hair which the student had colored blond, as punishment for it being ‘un-Koranic’. Make no mistake, there is a MASSIVE double standard here, but this is Red Pill Times, and a major part of what we do here is scrutinize the ridiculous world of identity politics, so we will address that, but lets first look to this RT report for the whole story:

The teacher, along with three other men, was convicted of kidnapping and violence against a minor by the Pontoise criminal court on Friday, French media report. The shocking incident occurred last April, when the boy showed up at his Arabic class at the Sablon mosque, in the municipality of Sarcelles, north off Paris.

The teacher apparently did not favor the new hairstyle sported by the student, saying his blonde fringe went against “Koranic rules.” As a “punishment,” he decided to shave off his pupil’s tinted hair in the middle of class.

In revenge, the boy later pelted the offender’s house with eggs only to run into more trouble. The teacher called the boy’s stepfather and got permission to teach him “a good lesson,” with the condition that it wouldn’t leave marks on his body.

The boy was sent to clean up the mess made by the eggs but, when he showed up at his teacher’s house, he was attacked by him and three others. The teacher, his 20-year-old brother and two youth workers employed by the city held the boy for around two hours slapping and punching him, with breaks to give the teen water and a handkerchief.

When the young victim was finally released and arrived home, his stepfather, who himself eventually got a six-month suspended sentence, ignored the boy’s swollen face and bruises.

“This is not a religious problem but an educational one,” the teacher’s lawyer insisted at court, adding that his client regretted the punishment, and that it went beyond what he had intended. In the meantime, the three other men were given from six to eight months behind bars, while the boy was awarded €5,000 in compensation.

Naturally, any sane person realizes no one has the right to violently beat children for anything, much less to shave their blonde hair, but the other insane thing we have seen is the media reaction, or rather – the lack thereof.

Islamic teachers are beating children in France – this is the country which gives the Krak des Chevaliers, one of the greatest castles in the world in Syria, its French name.

Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

France used to be a great power, which almost conquered the world had Russia not pushed back the invaders from the Motherland – how is it that this once glorious nation has become filled with people who mock and disrespect its laws, threatening people and beating children.

Why is there no major debate, or outrage over this, and other migrant behavior in the media, as there was over the Charlee Hebdo shooting? Naturally, the shooting was a worse act of terror, however, anyone who beats children for behavior no doubt has some sympathies with Islamic extremists.

Indeed, this double standard is applied very starkly, if a Christian family did this, it would become famous all across the West, as examples of violent Christian behavior, even as most Christians don’t support beating children. The counter-argument to that would be the common Liberal Muslim apologist retort:

Yes, but most Muslims don’t support terrorism either!

And that may be true, after all, Assad and the Syrian army who fight terrorism are mostly Muslim. But even as we concede that a majority of Muslims don’t support these acts of extremism – there is still a shocking significant minority of hundreds of thousands that do – if not more. If this were not so, if the ratio of violent extremist Muslims to violent Christians was really so low and comparable, then why do Muslims manage to raise armies of THOUSANDS such as ISIS.

Muslim apologists will point to examples like the scumbag who performed the Oslo attacks, [whose name I omit as to give him no fame] as a violent Christian – but that was one man universally condemned by the Christian world. The same can be said for those who bomb abortion clinics, using murder to justify murder – they are lone wolves, not part of a broader Christian extremism.

Muslims on the other hand TO THIS DAY, still produce not merely lone wolf nutjobs, but armies of violent marauders capable of taking on an advanced and powerful state like Syria, to the point where her ally Russia, has to intervene.

This is not an attack against all Muslims – merely point out that there is an issue in the Islamic world, we cannot be blind to it while pointing the others and acting as if it doesn’t exist. The west indeed caused most of the recent problems in the Middle East. As noted, Syria is one of the greatest defenders of humanity in our current days, taking the fight to the front lines against Western-backed Islamic terrorism, and holding the line.

Many Syrians are Muslim, yet many are also Christian. Many Syrians, however, are NOT, these refugees plaguing Europe.

These migrants are mostly from foreign countries taking advantage of the Syrian War to sneak into Europe. They committed these crimes all across the continent…

#MeToo SJWs ignore #120db: Mass RAPES of European women [Video]

…Sadly, in this story, as in the others, the extremists (both the Muslim terrorists and their greater western backers) are overlooked by the corporate media, while they attack traditional Christian families. If the people of the world are fed up with this, then it’s up to them to support independent media projects designed to expose these lies once and for all.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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