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French City Firebombed In 4th Night Of Protests After Cops Blamed For Teenage Deaths

Via Zerohedge

Rioters in the French city of Grenoble hurled molotov cocktails and set cars ablaze during the fourth consecutive night of demonstrations against the police, following the deaths of two teenagers in a high-speed chase.

The young men, aged 17 and 19, were killed on Saturday after they refused to pull over for police who had flagged them down for not wearing helmets. A chase ensued, which ended quickly after the scooter collided with a bus.

Riots broke out the following night as approximately one hundred hooded youth took to the sreets, hurling around 30 molotov cocktails, while around 2,000 angry citizens marched on Tuesday in memory of the boys, Adam and Fatih.

In previous nights, rioters launched fireworks and gasoline bombs at police officers, who responded with tear gas. According to RT, at least 65 vehicles have been destroyed in the protests.

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Flying Gabriel
Flying Gabriel
March 9, 2019

Not being helmeted is a personal safety risk, nothing more … why would you amplify it by initiating a pursuit? No logic here.

Wayne Fee
Wayne Fee
Reply to  Flying Gabriel
March 9, 2019

Look at the names, one was Muslim for sure thats enough excuse in itself.As they say you run.What are you hiding? Still its a shame young people die. So want to see all this killing stop.

Olivia Kroth
March 13, 2019

The French are an admirable nation, not putting up with US occupation and US puppets like Macron. I hope that French nationalist and patriot Marine le Pen will win the next Presidency. Hopefully she will kick out the CIA from France, like General Charles de Gaulle did, and hopefully she will lead France out of the EU and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

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