FLASHBACK: US music star Frank Zappa talks about doing business in the USSR

Frank Zappa’s last great foray into politics was building bridges between the US and USSR.

Frank Zappa was a legendary individual both for his prolific musical career and for his incisive intellectual comments on social and political matters.

In 1985, he famously testified before a US Senate committee where he defended the rights of musicians from censorship.

By the late 1980s and into the early 1990s, Zappa became interested in helping American companies start doing business with the Soviet Union.

He made several trips to Moscow at that time and had a very open mind about the huge potential of doing trade and commerce with the USSR.

In this interview from 1989, Zappa talks about the virtues and setbacks of western companies trying to do business with the Soviet Union, including tackling the issue of a Rouble which until the final days of the USSR could not be legally exchanged for another currency.

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