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Watch Arizona Senator delivers anti-Trump rant to nearly empty chamber [VIDEO]

Only two other Senators were in attendance as retiring US Senator compared Donald Trump’s statements about media to Stalin

Even most of the Trump-haters stayed away from this one.  On the day that President Trump had announced for his “Fake News Awards” program, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake took to the Senate Floor to lambaste the president for his strong remarks against the mainstream media.

Complaining about the fact that President Trump has branded five of the major American outlets as “fake news” sources (New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS and of course, CNN), the senator compared the president to Joseph Stalin, based on Trump’s comments that these media outlets are “enemies of the people” of the United States.  However the text of Flake’s speech does nothing honest.  He continues to name Russia as the “meddlers” in the election process, and many other careworn efforts of propaganda that the MSM has tried desperately to perpetuate on an American populace who is perhaps beginning to get wise to them.

It seems that something is worth note because only two senators were in the chamber to listen to Sen Flake’s rhetoric.  There were more reporters there, so he did have at least some audience.

But it looks good when the camera only shows the one speaking, and not the empty chamber he was speaking to.  Still, the empty seats behind him cannot be ignored in the video.

We should show you who his audience was.  They were both Democrats.

Senators Dick Durbin and Amy Klobuchar, both Democrats, were the only lawmakers who attended Flake's speech
Senators Dick Durbin and Amy Klobuchar, both Democrats, were the only lawmakers who attended Flake’s speech.

It would seem that the viewership in Congress may have had more interesting programming to look forward to.  Unfortunately, the planned Fake News Awards event appears to have been postponed, but knowing the President and his acumen as an entertainer, I wouldn’t bet on him actually missing any beats about this one.

The entertainment from DC is quite entertaining this term.

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