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Five days after Obama – Hezbollah story released and still no CNN report?

Five days after Obama – Hezbollah story released and still no CNN report?

The Duran’s recent release regarding the Politico Magazine’s expose’ alleging that the former U.S. President aided Hezbollah in cocaine-running operations has gained a lot of reaction.  Many news media outlets in the USA have carried it – in fact, almost all of the big ones.

Except one.


Searches on their website show absolutely nothing about the major 14,000 word piece Politico produced. Nothing at all.

However, one really appropriate reaction is here, from a parent, who may have lost her child to some of that cocaine that was brought into the U.S.  Honestly, there should be a lot more of this kind of reaction to such news, but the net is curiously silent.

And, the story is not dying.  In an interview on NPR two days ago, Josh Meyer, the author of the Politico piece, discussed his experience:

 I became aware of their allegations very early in the process and then spent months and dozens and dozens of interviews interviewing people looking at court records, thousands of pages of documents, reports, internal emails and so forth to try to see if that was true. And the picture that emerges is that, in some cases, things were done deliberately. In many other cases, things were done not on purpose but had the desired effect of derailing this investigative process. And, in other cases, it was just a matter of not doing things. I mean, it was not supporting investigations, not approving requests for prosecutions or extraditions. They shut down Project Cassandra’s efforts to mount a racketeering case against the Hezbollah criminal enterprise…

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…And, again, you have to remember that Hezbollah is essentially an Iranian proxy. So by alienating or angering Hezbollah or cracking down on it, arresting the wrong people, they were afraid that it wouldn’t show good faith in the negotiations over the Iran deal and that that might, you know, scare them away from the negotiating table. But, you know, I think one thing that’s important to note is that these investigators, first of all, they’re fairly apolitical people. You know, they don’t – I don’t think that they they thought, you know, whether the Iran deal is good or bad…

This writer has been also following the research on this issue.  This is very extensive and there is already a lot that will need to be said. Although there is certainly fodder for the folks that suspect Zionism around every corner here, the overwhelming sense appears to be that this is simply what the Meyer says it is.

And that is news.

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