Femme fatale, Anna Duritskaya, is back in Kiev after undergoing 7.5 hours of questioning

After undergoing 7.5 hours of testimony, Ukrainian 22 year old “model” and “companion” of Boris Nemtsov, Anna Duritskaya, was let go and is now in Kiev.

This pretty much rules out the personal/love triangle scenario. Now the false flag CIA, Ukraine SBU, Chechen terrorist option can take center stage.

ITARR TASS News Agency reports…

“At the moment, the investigative activities in her regard have been completed. Anna left for Kiev already yesterday,” lawyer Vadim Prokhorov told TASS.

He reminded that his client has taken an “active and voluntary part in the investigative actions and is ready to continue providing voluntary assistance to the investigator.”

“If there are any real investigative activities that can help the probe, of course she is ready to come,” the lawyer said.

Duritskaya on Monday told the Dozhd TV channel that investigators thought it wasn’t safe for her to return to Ukraine. She said she wanted to return home and be with her mother “who is very sick and severely stressed,” Duritskaya said.

The witness noted that she does not remember the night of Nemtsov’s killing well. However, “the murderer stood behind” them and he shot Nemtsov in the back. When the politician fell, Duritskaya ran to a snowplow driver for help and called the police. Law enforcers arrived in 10 minutes.

Duritskaya said she does not remember what happened before the police came.

She also said she rules out jealousy was the motive of the prominent politician’s murder.


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