US Federal deficit up 50 percent in new fiscal year

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December 14, 2018

US Federal deficit up 50 percent in new fiscal year ~ that’s the HEADING and then there’s a PCTURE BUT where’s the article?

December 15, 2018

M3 (US”money supply”) follow(ed) a predictable and unavoidable curve (which is why they got rid of M3) of $1 borrowed in 1913 with average interest of 6% compounded yearly. Make a graph to see what happens after 2000. That’s (($1 x 1.06) x 1.06) x 1.06) for 110 years (to 2023). That simple graph is the growth of the debt money system. The simple graph nearly perfectly matches the growth of the US debt money system where money (not interest) is “made” by issuing new debt (M3 used to track that “quantity”). Look at the end, 2010 and the next… Read more »

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