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BREAKING: FBI says Vegas killer NOT linked to international terrorism – ISIS claim he was part of their network

Little is known about the Las Vegas mass murderer.

Conflicting narratives have been offered as to whether the Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock was a member of a known international terrorist organisation.

Las Vegas police have now confirmed that after slaughtering 58 people and wounding 515, the killer then killed himself in a hotel room that was stashed with weapons.

A relative of the killer stated that he was shocked as he wasn’t aware that Paddock was committed to any violent ideology.

Later, ISIS claimed responsibility for the killings, stating that months ago, Paddock converted to Islam and expressed his desire to carry out atrocities in the name of the nefarious terrorist organisation.

Now, the FBI has stated that Paddock had no connections to ISIS and that his mass homicide was not connected to a known terrorist group.


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