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FBI releases ‘Finders’ files after 3 decades; Mueller squashed Ted Gunderson’s investigation into Tallahassee child abuse case

The FBI released a 324-page file on the ‘Finders’ commune, subject of a 1987 investigation and 1993 “conspiracy theory”. Douglas Ammerman and James Michael Holwell were pulled over in a van and arrested in February of 1987 in Tallahassee after witnesses reported seeing them in Myers Park with six scruffy, hungry children between the ages of 2 and 11. After Holwell “fell face down on the ground and refused to stand up” or answer questions, the men were charged with misdemeanor child abuse and held on $100,000.

Unable to locate the mothers, police placed the children into state custody.

Six weeks later, after an investigation that went all the way to D.C., the men were released from custody. The state dropped charges against the men in March.

It would have been swept into the annals of FBI case history, except for a Stuart, Florida, resident named Skip Clements, who had been researching the Finders for years. He claimed the U.S. Customs Service called off the investigation at the behest of the CIA, which he said was using the commune as a front to train agents.

He even convinced at least two members of Congress to look into it, and it sparked a Justice Department investigation. Both congressmen have since died. Epstein wasn’t the beginning.

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