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FBI Investigating "Criminal Enterprise" In Connection With Arrested Epstein Guards

“The charges would be the first to arise from a criminal inquiry into the death of Mr. Epstein.”  

The FBI is treating Epstein’s death as a criminal matter, according to Bloomberg.

“Federal prosecutors unsealed charges against two guards at the U.S. jail in lower Manhattan who were supposed to keep watch on financier Jeffrey Epstein.”

“The two guards are charged in New York with falsifying documents and conspiracy to defraud the U.S.

Two federal correctional officers who were on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died were arrested early Tuesday on federal charges related to their failure to check on him the night he died in his cell, according to the New York Times, citing a person with knowledge of the matter.

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November 21, 2019

My interpretation of this story is that the “criminal charges” are based on the narrative that the guards were “stealing” from the US government because they filed false logs and were screwing around on the internet when they were at “work”, not that the FBI is about to conduct a “criminal” investigation into Epstein being “suicided” while in custody. This story is being “spun” in such a way to imply that, total wishful thinking. Personally, I think the bigger story is that senators Kennedy and Lee are openly questioning the official narrative. I think that regardless of the deep states… Read more »

November 21, 2019

I’ll say something else about the whole Epstein story. We all know why, unlike the killing of Seth Rich, Killarys theft of the 2016 DNC nomination, the criminal activity around the fostering of the “Russiagate” story, the Panama papers, ect ect that the mainstream media ignored, why it is that the Epstein story and ONLY the Epstein story has legs with the mainstream US media? Its not because of the Government corruption it exposes, its not because he and his handlers were using blackmail to control people in influential positions worldwide, its because this story is prurient in nature, its… Read more »

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