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SNL should learn what Russians have been through (VIDEO)

The supremely unfunny Saturday Night Live has produced a segment where a man badly impersonating President Vladimir Putin, addresses the American people about President Trump.

The ‘comedy’ sketch is rife with untruths and misinformation about modern Russia. It’s the stuff that if used to attack any other group, would be called racist.

Such crass ‘comedy’ could only by written by people who never lived through actual political violence, people who do not know the real consequences of a supposed President being nothing but a foreign puppet, serving the narrowest segments of society.

To understand what these things actually look like, one ought to study 1990s, Russia specifically the 1993 illegal power-grab by western puppet Boris Yeltsin.

In 1993 Boris Yeltsin proposed a new Constitution for Russia. It allowed him sweeping powers that sought to destroy the authority of democratically elected members of the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation (Russia’s parliament).  In order to shove his powers into place, Yeltsin illegally dismissed the Congress of People’s Deputies.

The members of Russia’s parliament did not take this sitting down. They moved to impeach Yeltsin and transfer the leadership to Russia’s Vice-President Alexander Rutskoy.

The stand-off between Yeltsin and those loyal to Rutskoy escalated. The supposedly neutral military entered the conflict on Yeltsin’s side, and Russians shot at their fellow countrymen under his disastrous ‘leadership’.

Arrests were made and political prisoners were imprisoned.  However thanks in great part to the efforts of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), a full amnesty was passed in 1994, releasing all of them – contrary to Yeltsin’s wishes.

This is what real political crisis looks like, this is what actual political violence can do to destroy a country, and this is how a puppet president acts when he harbours contempt for his own people.

Yeltsin’s popularity remained so low that in 1996 the US openly rigged the Russian Presidential election in his favour. The rigging made the cover of Time Magazine!

I feel a combination of disgust and anger towards the anti-Trump protesters and their mouthpieces at fake news corporations and fake comedy outlets like Saturday Night Live.

Their insularity, their lack of knowledge about the world in which they live, is what allows them to internalise the racist myths about Russia. It also clouds their perspective of what it is really like to live under a bought and sold foreign regime which seeks to destroy a once thriving society.

Donald Trump is an American President who loves his country and who appears to respect much of the world.

Boris Yeltsin was little more than a foreign puppet who destroyed and divided Russia.

Before the snide idiots at Saturday Night Live insult President Putin and Russia, they ought to consider their own hypocrisy.


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