The Factual Feminist debunks the ridiculous #YesAllWomen campaign [VIDEO]

Girl power is in full swing on Twitter with the #YesAllWomen hashtag exposing the evils of the Patriarchy to the whole world. Bloggers, “journalists” and celebrities are all sharing the sobering statistics and polls that accurately reflect the oppressive world that American women live in…ok enough, I can’t write anymore of this without laughing or puking.

Luckily we have a feminist with a sense of justice and logic who will not only set the record straight on this whole #YesAllWomen craze, but also, once and for all, debunk the whole “we are oppressed” and “abused” message that the liberal left, white knight media is cooking up.

Thank you Factual Feminist for speaking some red pill truth in an otherwise dumb dumb social media campaign.

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