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Facebook Live is a crime fighting device. It should be praised, not censored

Facebook has a feature called ‘Facebook Live’ which allows users to broadcast live videos to friends and followers which are simultaneously recorded for later viewing. The format has proved very popular among those in the news business. Everyone from RT to CNN uses it.

Now though, the censorship mafia are out in full force and for a reason that is frankly surprising.

There have been recent reports that hardened criminals, including murderers have used Facebook live to broadcast their crimes. Because of this, some are begging for Facebook Live to be shut down.

This is counter-intuitive to anyone to knows or cares about fighting crime. The only thing easier than successfully prosecuting a criminal, is when a criminal confesses to a crime.

The only thing easier than investigating a crime by putting together puzzle pieces of evidence, is when the criminal shows us his or her ever step. By videoing the crime and broadcasting it live, the age old ‘wasn’t me’ defence simply collapses. It’s a confession note that leaves no room for any reasonable doubt.  Also, due to the individuals or locations shown in a Facebook Live crime, it could even make it easier for police to track down a violent criminal during the act of violence.

Many criminals are as violent as they are stupid. If such people decide to broadcast their heinous acts on social media using Facebook Live or any other video platform, they will have saved public money because it will be that much quicker to say ‘case closed’, after an arrest is made.

We all ready know how social media can save lives as it is now a front-line source of crucial information during a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. Now it seems Facebook can also be used to help fight crime and secure a fast and easy conviction of self-confessed criminals.

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Censorship solves nothing, but information solves a great deal. Long may Facebook Live continue.

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