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Eyewitness account says Ukrainian combat jet armed with missiles took off from Dnipropetrovsk moments before MH17 was shot down

While MH370 will most likely remain a mystery for a long time coming, the MH17 disaster is unraveling on a weekly basis.

This is one cover up that Ukraine, and it’s American rulers. will not be able to cover up much longer. Not even all the gold in the world, promptly delivered last month to the Dutch head investigators, will keep the truth from surfacing.

New, on site, eyewitness reports at the airbase in eastern Dnipropetrovsk corroborate much of the Russian satellite imagery, and local residents spottings, of an SU-25 jet shadowing MH17 moments before it was brought down.

Via Sputnik News Agency:

The employee, who claims to be an eyewitness, said on July 17 that three Ukrainian combat jets took off, and that one of them, an Su-25, was carrying air-to-air missiles.

“After a while only one jet [of the three] returned, which had had those missiles… It returned without the missiles. The pilot was very frightened,” the man said. The employee stressed that only the returned Su-25 had been equipped with air-to-air missiles, and said he was sure it was not air-to-ground missiles.

The airbase worker said he remembered the pilot saying “the wrong plane” and “the plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time” after he returned from the flight.

The newspaper interviewee did not exclude the possibility that an Su-25 pilot could confuse a Boeing passenger airliner with a military jet.

“This could be. There was quite a long distance, he could have failed to see what exactly that plane was,” the man said.

The missiles carried by the Su-25 (NATO reporting name Frogfoot) are capable of targeting an object at a 3-5-kilometer (1-3 mile) distance, and to an altitude of 7,000 meters (23,000 feet), the source stressed.

“With jet’s raised nose, it is not a problem to fix a target and launch a missile. The flying range of this missile is over 10 kilometers,” according to the man.

He further said that the missile is capable of hitting a plane fuselage, whether directly or from a distance of 500 meters.

The density of the objects which hit the MH17 was very high, and these findings did not exclude the downing of the plane by a missile.

“There is such a missile. It explodes and its shrapnel punctures [the plane]. And after that, the missile warhead strikes it,” the man said.


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RT @redpilltimes: Eyewitness says #Ukraine combat jet armed w/missiles took off from Dnipropetrovsk moments before #MH17 crash…


RT @redpilltimes: Eyewitness says #Ukraine combat jet armed w/missiles took off from Dnipropetrovsk moments before #MH17 crash…


RT @redpilltimes: Eyewitness says #Ukraine combat jet armed w/missiles took off from Dnipropetrovsk moments before #MH17 crash…

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