Dmitry Babich: America’s Olympic hypocrisy (ExtraTime)

The Washington Post wrote that the Russian swimmer Yulia Yefimova who got booed and had chlorine water splashed into her face in Rio might not be so bad after all.

There are inconsistencies in WaPo’s article, though.

If Yefimova “lives in Los Angeles,” if she trains with an American coach Dave Salo – then how can Dave Salo say “she is a pawn of the government-operated system”? Or does he mean the American government? 🙂 The judge should turn on himself: NYT and WP are more likely to be pawns of a nasty system operated by a combination of big capital and big government connected to it…

The American media chose Yefimova for the role of “a not so bad Russian,” because she tried to inspire pity in the Americans, instead of throwing them in the face the terrible truth: “After this booing of Russian athletes and splashing of chlorine in a young woman’s face, you start looking like our common enemies from 1933-1945! And your president is certainly more despised in the places like Sana, Damascus and Donetsk than even Adolph Hitler was in the 1940s – and for a reason! Think what you have become!” But then, of course, the WaPo (War Posturing) would ask someone else to write the text about Yefimova, not some docile Sally Jenkins, but most likely Anne Applebaum…

Dmitry Babich is an analyst at Sputnik News International.

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