EXPOSED: Amazon executive wanted Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon to “show their t*ts”

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is knee deep in sexual assault allegations.

One of the hardest hit elitists from the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandals has been billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who has had to implement swift damage control, after word spread that Amazon Studio’s chief was using his casting couch card a bit too liberally.

The now disposed of Roy Price, was considering acquiring the Nicole Kidman – Reese Witherspoon series “Big Little Lies”,  but before green lighting the series, Price wanted to know if the stars would “show their t-ts”…a move which ultimately pushed the show into the hands of HBO.

Via Page Six

Roy Price resigned from the company Tuesday after a female producer publicly accused him of sexual harassment, telling her “You’ll love my d–k” — but it was far from the only time he’d creeped out colleagues, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Just weeks after he allegedly extolled the merits of his pecker to “The Man in the High Castle” producer Isa Hackett in 2015, he went out for drinks with three female executives — but made things “awkward and uncomfortable” by asking about their sexual history and drug use, and the trio fled, the outlet reports.

The comments about “Big Little Lies” were made at a staff holiday party. HBO ultimately secured the series — and Kidman’s breasts were shown.

Price was also trying to get his own sketchy show off the ground, the report reveals — about a young woman who is sold into sex slavery to a “psychotic imperial Thai dwarf” named Mr. Goodtimes, where she is drugged, bashed with a machete and told she will be “f–ked like a dead fish.”

One of the writers brought on for the series, called “Shanghai Snow,” said he found an early script repulsive, and only agreed to work on the series if he was allowed to make it less misogynistic, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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