We explain why Beyonce will have a very difficult time leaving Jay Z

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We have been hearing a lot of gossip and rumors on the Interweb that Jay Z has been cheating on Beyonze and hooking up with some reality show chic named Casey Cohen as well as ultra hot superstar singer Rihanna.  We cannot know for sure what the hell is happening between the couple, and to be honest we could not give a shit about all these rumors.  What is of interest to us is that some sources say Beyonce is mulling over a divorce or separation from Jay Z, and this news can help us add some red pill knowledge and perspective to the discussion.  

Now most of the time a women as sexy as Beyonce would be able to swing branches to a new man with no difficulty whatsoever, but Jay Z is not your average man, he is an Apex Alpha superstar…and therein lies the rub for Beyonce.

First the background from the Huffington Post:

Last week, Life & Style magazine named “Princesses: Long Island” cast member Casey Cohen as one of several women who may be more than friends with Jay Z. Now, the reality star is slamming the rumors, claiming they are unsubstantiated.

According to TMZ, Cohen is denying the claims that she’s having any sort of affair with Beyonce’s husband of six years.

TMZ reports that Cohen’s lawyer has sent a cease and desist letter to Bauer Media stating that while Cohen acknowledges meeting Jay Z and Beyonce several times in her capacity as a hostess at New York’s 1Oak club, Cohen and Jay Z “have never been in love or intimate.” She’s also calling the article, “a foul and phony mistress-rumor.”

Life & Style had reported that the 44-year-old rapper has been seeing Cohen twice a month and would visit her when she was working. “They’ll slip away for an afterparty. She’ll hang out with him all night, flirting and touching him,” a source told the magazine.

Women would read this article from HuffPost and not be able to understand how Jay Z could even think of cheating on Beyonce with some hostess.  After all, its Beyonce, her social value is astronomical! This is correct thinking and spot on logic, from the mindset of a women. In other words, scratching your head wondering how you can cheat on someone of such high social value is exactly how women see the world. Now believing that men act, think and behave with the same rational that women act and behave is what the manosphere likes to dub as solipsism. 

The truth of the matter is that while women see success and social value as the ultimate quality in a mate, men see appearance and beauty as the qualities that they desire in a partner.

So with this in mind, Beyonce is in for a a real hard time trying to replace Jay Z, while the mayor of NY will easily find younger, hotter and sexier in record time (or if rumors are true already has).

Start with Jay Z.  Yes he has a high social value wife in Beyonce, but as time goes on, her beauty fades. Sure its great that she is talented and all that, but beauty trumps all, especially if you are dealing with an apex alpha male.  Why Cohen, who is, or was, simply a hostess? Answer is simple, who cares what she does.  She is 28, Jay Z is 44, she turns him on with her blonde bombshell looks, he says game on.  As much as women may not like to here the above, the biology and evolution of who we are is very real.  Stop the solipsism ladies and see the world as a man sees it.

Now Beyonce is also of super high social value, but for women a desirable men is successful men, and most women prefer men to be as successful or more successful then them. Jay Z fits this bill for Beyonce, but good luck finding another man as successful as Jay Z. The man is a superstar rapper, record company exec, sports team owner, fashion tycoon, and god knows what else. The only way for Beyonce to fulfil her hypergamy urges would be to leave Jay Z for Vladimir Putin. 

That is problem number one for Beyonce. Problem number two is this chart below:


As Beyonce gets older her sexual value diminishes, Jay Z…well he is working in reverse.

Basically Beyonce is stuck in a pickle, she is of such high social value that she would need a man of equal or higher social value than her own, while also fighting the biological wall that makes it more difficult to persuade men of great social value to pair up with her, rather than go younger and hotter (see chart above). If a man has very high social value and his sexual value is also increasing with time, then his options fall in the meat of the blue line bell curve, not the tapering tail end. Anything outside of that meaty area for a high social and sexual value male is a bad deal.

Now hopefully this could all be rumors, and love (with a little red pill) does and can conquer all, including hypergamy and sexual value, but knowing the truth about our biology and evolution is an important step towards accepting that men are success objects and women are sex objects.  This has helped our species survive and thrive for thousands of years and will never change. This biological reality serves us well and helps the thinking man understand the importance of faith and spirituality as a counter weight to our urges and instincts.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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