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Ex-Daesh Women and Children Transferred Across Durand Line

Amid all of this noise we hear from our fearless leaders about Irani state terrorism, no mention is made of Pakistan. Yet this goes on. It is a clear indication of who is actually sponsoring Daesh, the Taliban all of the other fun bunch shooting a lot more bullets than Irani backed groups. For many years jezail has maintained that Pakistan has been the foundational and chief supporter of terror and a state sponsor. We have identified many of the key US partners in this and continue to. So we say to the claims of Irani terror by our SECSTATE, SECDEF, DCIA, rubbish! Whatever Iran or Soleimani has done, it pales in comparison to Pakistan. Pakistan has fed and armed virtually anything that can carry a rifle against the US for the last 20 years and nothing has been done about it. We still train their military and still maintain their planes. Nobody ever suggested going to war with them. The key difference? Pakistan has plenty of nukes. America actually helped them to develop those nukes. on the web

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