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EU’s Donald Tusk loses mind – calls US, Russia and China bloc’s ‘greatest challenges’

The politician from Poland has lost the plot completely and it should be no surprise – the whole EU project has emasculated Europe’s security, prosperity, and cultural heritage. Donald Trump is not a danger, but rather a wake-up call for the EU that the U.S. may not forever remain the enabler of the Brussels’ refusal to take responsibility for the union’s citizens.

The senility, arrogance and frank stupidity of the Eurocrats are on display for all to see – and sneer at. NATO members want American taxpayers – not European taxpayers – to pay for their defense against the myth of “Russian aggression.” The Bill and Hillary Clinton “pay-to-play” corruption schemes at least satisfied both parties engaged – in every way like prostitution – but Brussels wants to “play-for-free” and as a result keep the world near to a nuclear holocaust. Crazy Tusk should man-up and take responsibilities for the EU’s defense and security – as well as have an adult conversation with the Russians.

The EU is not poor, but it is poorly conceived and badly run. This is not Trump’s fault, nor is it Vladimir Putin’s fault. Instead of wasting vast sums on privileges for the Brussels elite and on post-modernist projects that amount to ‘kulturcide.’ Crazy Donald should start to think and act in ways that protect the EU’s security and European culture. Instead of being worried about Donald Trump, he should make the union more democratic and FINALLY protect the union’s borders. These are the EU’s responsibilities, not Washington’s – and certainly, burdens not to be put on the backs of hardworking American workers and families.

Trump’s questioning of longstanding and outdated ideas about the Atlantic alliance is doing the EU and Crazy Donald a favor. Grow-up and stop whining. A problem can only be solved when the problem is recognized. And those problems are: the EU is very undemocratic, very wasteful, incapable of protecting its citizens, gets involved in immoral and counter-productive foreign interventions, relies too much on Washington, and ignores citizens’ cultural sensitivities. Donald Tusk these are not crazy things to ask of you and the Brussels cabal.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.

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