Europe’s loathing of Donald Trump is symptomatic of a wider cultural malaise

Prior to the US election, ordinary Russians were broadly hopeful for a Trump victory. Although many were and remain sceptical of Donald Trump’s ability to resist the militarism of the American deep state, it is accurate to say there was a collective sigh of relief in Russia when Hillary Clinton, the most Russophobic Presidential candidate in recent American history, lost.

In EU states, the story was different. Whilst Russians pragmatically tended to favour a man who said US-Russian cooperation would be ideal versus a woman who had all but declared war on Russia, Europeans tended to view Trump with disdain. For contemporary emasculated Europeans, a straight talking man who pulls few rhetorical punches is a reminder of how European men have broadly sold their souls, sacrificing them on the altar of post-modernism.

The 21st century European man is supposed to be a shy, shirking individual whose humility outweighs his confidence, his tolerance for the vulgar outshines his morality. All of this is then combined with a self-loathing which supplants any self-respect. This is why Vladimir Putin is also disparaged by putative males who have adopted the post-modern mentality.

In spite of Russia’s long organic history via-a-vis the historically young United States, both countries are still capable of producing men who aren’t ashamed of their heritage or their traditional position in society.  Both countries are still capable of producing men who understand that duty and sacrifice must always come before self-indulgence and self-imposed weakness.

America can yet learn a great deal from Russia. Whether Tsarist, Soviet or contemporary, Russia has had many wars but it has not been subjected to the kind of culture wars that have raged in America where ultra-liberals trying to impose hyper-European ideals on the most powerful state in the New World, have come up against a brick wall of real men with a real sense of patriotism.

It is for this reason that many traditional American voters have come to admire Vladimir Putin and Russian culture. The odd effect of Donald Trump’s opponents having a strange obsession with Russia is that more and more Americans are bothering to take the time to learn about Russian culture and Russian politics.

The surprise for the Democrats and some Republicans is that many Americans like what they are finding out.

By contrast, much of Europe is a lost cause. A story from Dublin has emerged where a bar-owner has pasted a giant photograph of Donald Trump on the back of a urinal. Such petty, morose moves are symptomatic of a post-cultural society that has lost the plot. Indeed, perhaps such cultures are capable only of producing urine than they are of producing men like Donald Trump let alone men like Vladimir Putin?

The sun is setting on the West. China is the world’s industrial leader, Russia is a political and cultural leader in a multi-polar world. Innovation and exploration are increasingly coming from Asia rather than Europe.

As a young state, America is at a crossroads. If the US had followed Hillary Clinton’s path to hell, decline would have been assured.

Under Donald Trump, America has a chance to re-discover the best aspects of American society and put the culture wars to bed once and for all.

Donald Trump’s optimism is contagious. It has given me personal hope that America may yet be able to reinvent itself and survive the death of the West.

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