European Commissioner for Migration suggests increasing security instead of reducing migration

Dimitris Avramopoulos says migrants are here to stay, refuses to draw connection between migration and terrorism

Speaking at the first EU Mayor’s Conference against Terrorism on Thursday in Brussels, Commissioner for Migration and former mayor of Athens Dimitris Avramopoulos said that immigration and terrorism are parallel crises, without linking them, while proposing immigration an even greater increase in security instead of a reduction in migration.
“Your cities, your municipalities, you as mayors and elected representatives, are in the front line of the two most pressing global issues of the day: migration and security,” said Avramopoulos.
In the same speech, he added that the EU is working on guidelines to increase security such as “strengthening the physical protection of buildings,” “reinforcing the design and planning of public spaces in order to make them more secure,” and “expanding the use of reliable detection methods, including cutting-edge detection technologies.” Avramopoulos further boasted that the EU will provide €120 million this year to protect public spaces.
According to the Financial Times report on this conference, Europe is gearing up for a new migrant surge — mainly from Africa — as soon as the weather improves, saying, “As for the future, many EU diplomats think the next migration surge to Europe is a matter of when, not if.”
One day prior, at the the annual European Migration Forum, Avramopoulos echoed from Brussels the new UN global compact for migration, repeating the words of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres regarding the exploitation of cheap migrant labor and the aging western society.
Avramopoulos had previously expressed his unwillingness for stopping mass migration in December 2017. In an article for Politico entitled “Europe’s migrants are here to stay,” he wrote:

“We cannot and will never be able to stop migration. The refugee crisis in Europe may be subsiding, but migration globally will not stop… [m]igration is our new reality.”

As a supporter of globalization, Avramopoulos has also long proposed the creation of a unified European intelligence agency that would be similar to the CIA.
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