Europe is telling Greece not to worry, 'we got your back.' What they really mean is…

Greece is tanking big time. It wants to exit the ‘memorandum of austerity’ placed on it by Europe and enter the markets. Brussels say’s not so fast…urging Greece to stay under Europe’s watchful eye a little bit longer.
The European Commission is telling Greece not to worry, it will help out no matter what. Of course nothing is free, and Europe is keen on keeping Greece in economic prison, where it can continue to “financially rape” the country during every shower visit.
Time to play a game and decode what Europe is actually telling Greece:

On a related note, the Financial Times is reporting that the European Central Bank will extend another €10 billion in liquidity to Greece’s banks, which have been hit hard as the Athens Stock Exchange crashes — it’s down 1.74% Thursday and more than 25% since the start of the year.

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October 20, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Europe is telling Greece not worry, ‘we go your back.’ What they really mean is…

October 20, 2014

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