EU or GU (German Union)? Merkel and Schäuble have created an EU held together by fear, not by trust

All across the internet a few words are being thrown around to describe the end of what had become a public display of financial terrorism in action…

Capitulation. Surrender. Ultimatums. Bullying. A compromise the European way.

It was the strong beating the weak. A south european country getting strangled to death at the hands of its powerful north european “partner”.

The illusion of a union, a group of peers that formed the EU, vanished these last few weeks.

One word however sums up best Greece’s complete capitulation to Germany…humiliation.

This is not a European Union, it is a German Union…not an EU but a GU. It cannot last in its current state much longer.

Via Sputnik News…

According to DWN, this is the end of the EU in its previous form — a political union, cherishing mutual trust and democratic principles.

The democracy is now becoming a marginal phenomenon. ‘Strong’ states now give ultimatums to ‘weak’ ones in a way that was never done before.

On Monday, Greece and Eurozone leaders are finally reported to have reached a unanimous agreement, according to which Greece may get 86 billion euros over the next three years if it conducts the necessary reforms.

The imposed economic policies, however, will destroy the Greek economy. The Greek banks will partially collapse, while many savers will lose their money. The policy of austerity has not work in the past five and a half years, and is unlikely to work now, the newspaper wrote.

The consequences for Eurozone countries will be dramatic. The Greek banking panic could in seconds become a European banking panic which would be uncontrollable. The solidarity in the EU is eroding, with countries acting in their own selfish interests. The refugee crisis is likely to become the next failure in the EU, which will have members acting in their own interests and not in the interests of the Union as a whole, the article said.

According to DWN, Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble have overnight transformed the EU into an entity that is no longer held together by trust, but only by naked fear.

With the signing of the agreement with Greece the nightmare for the EU has begun. Life in Europe is no longer determined by contracts, but by the law of the jungle, the newspaper wrote.


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