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Escaping Europe’s unemployment factory. 700,000 Spanish citizens have left home in search of opportunity in South America

It baffles why any sane person, community or nation would want to be part of the European Union. Unless you are lucky enough to belong to the 1% uber wealthy, the E.U. has become a prison of misery for the 99%’ers.

This excerpt from a recent post on The Sovereign Man blog highlights the mass exodus of Spanish citizens, migrating to South America in search of a better life.

At some point, no amount of marketing muscle and media brainwashing will be able to cover up the fact that millions upon millions of “Europeans” simply want out of the E.U. trap.

Between 2008 and 2012 an estimated 700,000 Spaniards have left home in search of greener pastures, choosing to go to places like Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

Unencumbered by a language barrier and without much culture shock, they’re finding that they’re able to rise up the career ladder much more quickly than they could back home.

The shortage of skilled labor and advanced training in these countries means that foreigners are able to obtain higher paying jobs than they could back home.

Some recent college grads find themselves occupying senior level positions after just a few years because there is no one else around qualified for the job.

Even folks who are not with a large corporation or hold an advanced technical degree still have valuable skills.

Just by virtue of being a consumer in the West, for example, you know much more about proper customer service than people in countries that aren’t constantly exposed to such high standards.

I see the same situation in dozens of countries all over the world as I travel. There are many places where local talent and skills simply aren’t catching up fast enough with economic growth.

They are hungry for skilled labor and the entrepreneurially-minded.

This bespeaks a greater trend of our times: some of the best opportunities are abroad. And in uncertain times, you have to carve an independent path to achieve success.

I was always told growing up that if I studied hard and worked my way up the corporate food chain that I’d become successful. Did they tell you that lie too?

Yes they did lie to us all…or conned us into having hope for everything the EU was supposed to provide. Little did we know that we were (as Marine Le Pen so eloquently stated the other day), stepping into an “unemployment factory.”

Marine Le Pen, Front National Leader (translated from French):

“France has followed more than the rest because France got more involved in the crazy project of the European Union. The European construction, small at the beginning which then grew due to good intentions probably, has changed its initial aims and it has turned into a terrible catalyst of the violence produced by the globalisation.

This European Union has turned at the same time into an unemployment factory, a machine that generates poverty and hopelessness, a shelter with big doors opened to host all misery in the world via a massive immigration. An experimentation laboratory of communitarianism, of multiculturalism and of standardisation as well as a huge attraction park for the multinational, financial markets and technocrats.”

Replace France above with an EU member country of your choice: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal.


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RT @redpilltimes: Escaping Europe’s unemployment factory. 700,000 Spanish citizens have left Europe in search of a better life…


RT @redpilltimes: Escaping Europe’s unemployment factory. 700,000 Spanish citizens have left Europe in search of a better life…


RT @redpilltimes: Escaping Europe’s unemployment factory. 700,000 Spanish citizens have left Europe in search of a better life…

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