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Erdogan recites an Islamic prayer inside the Agia Sophia on Easter week

Sultan Erdogan disrespects Orthodox Christians on Easter week.

Article first appeared on Hellenic Insider…

This was Turkey’s Sultan Erdogan’s way of mocking Orthodox Christians on Easter week.

The Agia Sophia is to Orthodox Christians as the Vatican is to Catholics…but no EU leaders are screaming at Erdogan for his disgusting and disrespectful actions this Easter.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited an Islamic prayer inside the Agia Sophia in honor of Istanbul’s conquerors on Easter weekend. Erdogan made the comments at an art festival on Saturday in the Hagia Sophia.

FOX News reports…

Turkey’s president has recited an Islamic prayer in the Hagia Sophia, a historic Istanbul landmark that has become a symbol of interfaith and diplomatic tensions.

Speaking for an art festival opening Saturday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited the Quran’s first verse, dedicating the prayer to the “souls of all who left us this work as inheritance, especially Istanbul’s conqueror.”

The Hagia Sophia was built during the 6th century Christian Byzantine Empire and served as the seat of the Greek Orthodox Church. It was converted into an imperial mosque with the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul in 1453.

Turkey’s secular founder made the structure a museum in 1935, but there have been discussions by Erdogan’s Islamic-leaning government about converting it back into a mosque.

Greece has protested the Turkish government’s religious use of the venue.

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October 2, 2018

Well considering that the Agia Sophia has been a mosque now in a country that is over 95% Muslim, it kind of makes it redundant!

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