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Episode 1181 Scott Adams: Why President Trump Still Has the Advantage. Crazy, Right? Maybe not.

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– Statistical observations suggest vote fraud

– Pennsylvania law on late vote receipts

– Nevada and non-resident votes

– Wisconsin anomalies all benefited Biden

– Michigan anomalies all benefited Biden

– Securing future elections

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November 9, 2020

waiting, hoping, REALLY hoping, but really think its unlikely to matter. What matters is public perception, the hive mind, we are living in a post-truth world.

November 9, 2020

While he is asking hypothetical questions, he conveniently skips over the two most obvious. What does it mean when a political party planning to conduct a coup d’etat announces it publicly beforehand?
And, once you have given the obvious answer, which is that the coup must be backed by at the very least, the legal apparatus of the nation state where the coup is being conducted, and more likely, the international community, why would you have any concerns over doing it in plain sight?
Is this not exactly what happened?

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