EPIC: Russian team flies drone inside massive cave hidden in Vietnamese jungle (VIDEO)

Son Doong Cave is the largest known in the world, and a group from Russia undertook the arduous trek coming back with incredible footage

(RT) – A group of Russian travelers explored one of the most spectacular yet least visited natural landmarks in the world – the Son Doong Cave located in the jungles of inland Vietnam.

The world’s biggest known cave, formed as a result of a cave in caused by a mountain river at least two million years ago, was stumbled upon by a local logger in 1991, who then lost its location before finding it again in 2009. At at its widest, it measures 150 by 200 meters, stretches for over 5 kilometers, and has a volume of 38,5 million cubic meters, about twice the size of the next largest underground hollow.

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Their journey through the cave took four days of arduous climbs interspersed with spectacular sights, such as some of the world’s most imposing stalagmites, fast-running streams, and an underground forest.

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“It’s peaceful here, you feel completely detached and free. This is what you call a reset,” said one of the travelers, Ernest Rudyak, in a video diary of the journey. “It is a sanctuary, a lost world below the surface – a unique ecosystem.”

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Only about 2,000 outsiders are thought to have traveled to the remote location, and fewer than a dozen have filmed inside with a drone. Only limited tours costing several thousand dollars are made available each year, and those sell out in hours.

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But the government wants to capitalize on what has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, and has proposed a cable car route through the cave. A spate of protests delayed construction in 2014, but the $200 million plan that would allow hundreds to visit the cave each day, remains on the table.

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