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Ecuador Election: Lenin Moreno and Julian Assange are winners

The final round of Presidential elections in Ecuador is complete and with over 95% of votes counted, leftist Lenin Moreno has won with 51.11% of the vote. His right wing rival Guillermo Lasso has demanded a recount and has made accusations of rigging saying that, “They’ve toyed with popular will”.

In spite of Lasso’s refusal to concede defeat, outgoing left-wing stalwart President Rafael Correa Tweeted his congratulations to Mr. Moreno saying,

“The revolution has triumphed again in Ecuador. The right has lost, despite its millions and its media.”

This is of course good news for Julian Assange. Lasso had promised to kick Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London within 30 days had he won. By contrast, Moreno has said that Assange can stay so long as he doesn’t meddle in US policies. This is  a rather silly admonition as there is no indication that Assange has meddled, he has merely provided the American public with information conducive to the public good. That being said, Moreno’s ‘name calling’ seems far preferable to Lasso’s ‘sticks and stones’.

Julian Assange has made his feelings known, asking Lasso to leave Ecuador in a similar manner to which the right wing candidate threatened to give the boot to the Wikileaks founder

Like Hillary Clinton before him, Lasso may not give up on trying to stake a claim to victory, but as it stands, the people of Ecuador have spoken. The left has triumphed yet again and apparently, so too has Julian Assange.

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