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DUTERTE: I will never go to “lousy” America

DUTERTE: I will never go to “lousy” America

In April of this year, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte had a phone conversation with Donald Trump in which the US President invited his Philippine counterpart to the United States. However, Donald Trump’s Congressional opponents have voiced their opposition to the move.

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern has said he would oppose and boycott such a visit because of his opposition to Duterte’s tough law and order approach to drug crime and related social vices.

Duterte responded by saying,

“It would be good for the US Congress to start with their own investigation of their own violations of the so many civilians killed in the prosecution of the wars in the Middle East.

Otherwise I will be forced to investigate you also. I will start with your past sins”.

The President of Philippines also stated,

“There will never be a time that I will go to America during my term, or even thereafter.

I’ve seen America and it’s lousy”.

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A leaked transcript of the phone-call between Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte indicated that Trump is supportive of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Trump stated,

“I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem. Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that”.


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