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Dutch companies set to expand business with Iran, in spite of US sanctions

America’s threats are dogs that just won’t hunt

In cooperation with the European move to preserve the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal, companies in the Netherlands are committing to preserving their participation in the Iranian market, and expanding them in the long term. Apparently, we have a situation here where America’s threats are dogs that just won’t hunt, as they don’t particularly scare everybody into compliance. As some other companies have feared a US reprisal in the event that they get busted trading with Iran, some Dutch companies are pressing forward.

Trend News Agency reports:

Dutch as well as other European companies are interested in working with Iranian businesses and transferring technology to them, Siavoush Shojaee, director for Regional Sales at Control Seal, a Netherlands-based valve manufacturer, told NIPNA.

“We are planning to take steps in the long run to bring technology forward through formation of a joint venture with Iranian companies,” Shojaee said.

Talking about the company’s activities, he said Control Seal is active in the production of special valves, such as high temperature valves for downstream and petrochemical industries.

“Jam Co., Arak, Kermanshah and some other Iranian petrochemical companies are among consumers of our products. Our valves are also used in phases 1-24 of South Pars,” he said.

Shojaee noted that Control Seal’s office in Iran is currently fully operating.

Our continuing cooperation with Iranian customers, even during the sanctions period is an honor. Despite the reluctance of many European companies to participate in the Iranian market because of the sanctions, our approach and policy is based on maintaining the presence in the market,” Shojaee said.

He concluded saying that the European Union as well as the Netherlands have announced their willingness to remain committed to Iran’s nuclear deal, therefore Control Seal will try to do the best to maintain the relations with Iranian businesses.

While the US is trying to scare other nations and their corporations away from doing any business with Iran, not everyone is paying it heed. The Americans can enter a tirade and scream, jump, yell, and threaten economic repercussions for not giving in to their policies, whether it works out for the rest of the world or not, but that doesn’t automatically result in observance by the rest of the world. At some point, its trading partners are going to start looking out for their own interests.

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