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Donald Trump visits Palestine: a mission designed to fail (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has visited the holy city of Bethlehem for talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Trump gave a rather vague opening address before walking past a dower and downtrodden looking Abbas who heads Palestine’s Fatah party. This was miles away from the friendly ‘first name basis’ with which Trump greeted and clearly enjoyed

Arab issues, such as the Palestinian cause have been largely absent from Trump’s visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel. The primary focus for the United States seems to be building a broad coalition of radical, extremist Sunnis and Israeli Zionists against Shi’a Iran.

The Palestinians have largely been left out of this equation for several reasons.

The most prominent reason is that Hamas which has a majority on the Palestinian Legislative Council, has revealed its true colours as a member of the anti-Shi’a/anti-Iranian/anti-Syrian coalition that includes Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda, ISIS, the United States, Israel, the EU (including Britain in this case), Qatar and Turkey. The coalition is an odd and often disunited mix who coalesce only around the goals of seeking the destruction of the governments of both Syria and Iran.

Hamas has all but lost any respect from Iran by fighting against Iranians and Syrians who are jointly operating in an anti-terrorist coalition in Syria, of which Russia is the most prominent international member.

Hamas is more interested in waging terrorist Jihad in Syria than it is in actually helping the Palestinian cause. Hamas has proved disastrous for Palestine and has now lost almost all prominent regional allies outside of the Gulf.

Although Hamas recently distanced itself from the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the Brotherhood are still on the same side of the equation, opposing secular Arab regimes like Syria and now also finding itself as part of a broad anti-Iranian and by the admission of radical Sunnis themselves, an anti-Shi’a coalition which also looks down upon Hezbollah, which has proved to be an invaluable part of the anti-terrorist coalition in Syria.

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Israel and America have been successful in isolating Palestine from its historic allies and the Palestinian leadership due to a combination of treachery (Hamas) and inadequacy (Fatah), have largely cooked their own goose.

Donald Trump’s visit to Palestine will likely result in absolutely nothing.

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