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Donald Trump has a serious problem – and it’s not the Democrats (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has a serious problem – and it’s not the Democrats (VIDEO)

After the failure of President Trump to obtain a vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare, many are asking the question whether The Donald has what it takes to push his agenda through congress.

Although Trump has long maintained, in his public speeches and writings, that walking away from a bad deal is part of “The Art of the Deal,” the question remains if “Trumpcare” was really a deal he wanted to walk away from, or if he simply failed to corral dissenting members of the Republican Party.

As The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris proposed in a recent article, walking away may have indeed been the best option under the circumstances.

Ultimately, the true test of Trump’s leadership in the field of politics will be his ability to rally the GOP to pass his agenda – a party which now ranges from the establishment moderates such as House Speaker Paul Ryan who are in an alliance of pure convenience with Trump, to libertarians like Sen. Rand Paul. And doubtless also those members, backed by the electorate, who truly support Trump’s reform plans.

Compared to that challenge, the new president’s problems dealing with the Democratic party, which doesn’t control either house of congress, are rather miniscule.

Here’s The Duran’s Peter Lavelle with more on the test of President Trump’s political leadership:

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