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How Donald Trump can shift the burden of proof to his opponents

Donald Trump has long been a gifted practitioner of the art of clarity. After eight years of often confused Obamapeak, even Trump’s enemies don’t dare accuse him of being anything but frank and forthright.

But whilst Trump has been masterful at using this ability to attack fake news merchants, he has got to up his game if he is to ultimately win his very public showdown between himself and certain members of his own team, elements of his own party, the Democrats, msm as a whole and the deep state, particularly the intelligent agencies.

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was the simple and memorable ‘Make America Great Again’, now he must elucidate on this in three important ways.

He must explain what his presidency will represent in the following aphorism.

He ought to say, “Law, order and prosperity at home and peace through strength abroad.”

In all matters of facing down his strident opposition, he must shift the burden of proof from himself to his accusers.

By promoting a tough stance on law and order, he must force the Democrats to explain how lax borders, allowing sanctuary for criminal elements with no right to be in America in the first place and the Federal government’s self-imposed oblivion to urban war zones, like parts of Chicago is in any way beneficial to public safety.

In foreign affairs where his stance of reconciliation with Russia gets more domestic headlines than his more worrying threats about Iran, he must emphasise that Russia poses no threat and that neo-liberals in wanting to provoke Russia, would be attacking a Christian conservative country that many Trump supporters would feel far more at ease in than ultra-liberal Sweden or Merkel’s Germany.

In doing this, Trump would also shift the nature of debate from criticism of his foreign affairs (which due to vacancies at the State Department can scarcely even be fully ascertained), back to the domestic front. Trump seems to be far happier to discuss domestic issues like jobs, wages, trade and the battle against politically correct jargon than he is in discussing the South China Sea, for example.

His opponents are relying on a submissive fake stream media to do their bidding and give Trump the reputation of KGB Commander in Chief when he needs to promote himself as a kind of ‘good sheriff’ coming to clean up the mess that Obama and his predecessors left behind.

Through all of the Flynn fiasco my biggest question was and remains, ‘where was Steve Bannon’. Bannon was supposed to be the anti-establishment hero coming to ‘shake things up’. But ever since the resignation of Michael Flynn, his name is slipped from the headlines. He too must up his game.

Bannon, as the savior of Breitbart must now be the public relations savior of Trump. Trump needs his own publicity machine to counter the weight of the fake news merchants. Attacks on CNN and the BBC are exciting and galvanizing in the short term, but Trump must employ a more long-term strategy to define himself as a tough, all-American President whilst making his opponents with their post-cultural antics appear to be anti-American globalists.

If Trump’s opponents can throw anti-American accusations around, so can he. When one is wrestling with someone covered in mud, one shouldn’t wear white trousers.

By promoting a message of law and order, prosperity and peace through strength in the wider world, he’ll give his Presidency the necessary lexicon to expand on his successful but now party insufficient exhortation to ‘Make America Great Again’.

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