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Domestic posturing or true escalation? Analyst fears new Kashmir incident prelude to global conflict

Domestic posturing or true escalation? Analyst fears new Kashmir incident prelude to global conflict

Via RT

India’s raid into Pakistan was a calculated provocation, and if New Delhi isn’t just playing to its home electorate, major world powers will be dragged into a war, a political analyst tells RT.

“What would they expect to happen? They are quite aware of Pakistan’s right to defend its territory. What is India hoping to gain?” Darius Shahtahmasebi, a New Zealand-based political analyst, says.

Either India is making a statement, posturing for its domestic population that it is doing something about Kashmir. Or they are actually trying to escalate the issue further, because they know that eventually Pakistan will respond

While Islamabad preached “restraint” on Wednesday, if it does strike back, India could unleash a full-scale war. And Shahtahmasebi believes that even if the two countries decide to leave their nuclear arsenals off the table and engage in conventional localized warfare, the impact will be global.

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He notes that Pakistan is the nexus of Saudi geopolitical ambitions in the area, and India is a rising superpower, able to rely on support from Western allies. For China, the region is the main artery for its ambitious One Belt-One Road project.

“It’s not a minor conflict the rest of the world can close its eyes to. It would bring in China, it would bring in Saudi Arabia, it would bring in the United States, though as a former or current ally of both adversaries, it is now unclear quite where it stands during the Trump administration,” Shahtahmasebi told RT.

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Dan Kuhn

I wonder if the US will use this border conflict as a “Causa Belli to attack Iran.” After all Iran borders pakistan and therefore must be the reason for this recent flareup.

Justin Taua
Justin Taua

This hostility between India and Pakistan; is completely a construct of the West. Firstly, the British were resently of losing India in 1947. As a result, they were determined that India; would never no a day of peace. The formation of Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh); would be the result. Between India and Pakistan; Kashmir would be the flash-point. During this period with the arrival of the US, and its “Cold War” objectives; a state of war would be artificially induced, to sow hostility on the Asian Continent, with the hope of weakening the Stalinist Soviet Union and China. Let’s… Read more »

Olivia Kroth

TASS reports: Pakistan hails Russia’s mediation offer to resolve crisis with India World March 01, 10:26 UTC+3 On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Minister said Russia was ready to suggest hosting the talks between India and Pakistan to achieve settlement MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said Islamabad is ready to accept Moscow’s offer to act as a mediator between Pakistan and India. “Russia’s Foreign Minister has offered to mediate. I don’t know about India, but I want to say this to Russia that Pakistan is ready to come to the table and de-escalate tensions,” the Dawn… Read more »

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