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Does Russophobia enable terrorism in the west?

Terrorism is a border-less problem, even Great Britain which has no land borders is not immune from homegrown and foreign terrorists.

The recent attack on civilians outside the UK Parliament is just one such example of this truth that many cannot accept.

Not only can many not accept it, but they would rather pursue meaningless fights against other nations whose citizens and infrastructure are subject to the daily reality of terrorism, rather than join them in a collective effort to fight terrorism as part of something resembling a united front.

At this time in history, Syria is the leader in the global fight against terrorism.

Syria didn’t come to the terrorists, the terrorists came to Syria, many of them using Western funds, arms and transport.

But Syria fights terrorism on its own territory and does so both on behalf of Syria and on behalf of civilised humanity.

Moreover, Russia has joined the war against terrorism in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government.

Why then do countries like Britain, whose capital was just attacked by a lunatic of the same mindset as those attempting to destroy Syria, take the side of the terrorists in Syria?

What makes a throat-cutting, bomb planting, civilian killing jihadist in the Free Syrian Army or the Al-Qaeda subsidiary White Helmets, any different than the attackers in cities like London, San Bernardo, Paris or Brussels?

It is the same terrorism, deriving from the same ideology.

Even more absurd is that in a time of international terrorism, the US is holding Congressional hearings on the dangers of Russia whilst the UK establishment takes a perpetually anti-Russian and Russophobic line against a nation that far from threatening Britain, could be a potential ally of Britain, just as Russia was Britain’s ally in the wars against Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler.

We now know that the terrorist was called Abu Izzadeen, a known ISIS supporter. As suspected, he was not Russian and had no connections to Russia, except that he supports the wicked ideology that Russia is helping Syria to destroy.

If even one second  or one penny spent in Britain, the US or elsewhere debating the ‘wrongs’ of Russia, could have been time and money spent on fighting actual terrorism, something may have been achieved in the fight against those who actually do murder innocent people.

The tragic, indeed pathetic reality is that if you are a human being and you live on earth, you have a vastly greater statistical probability of being killed by a violent individual working from inside the British Parliament than by a lunatic on the streets outside the Parliament building.

The aggregate millions who have perished in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and also Syria, are testament to this sad truth.

Instead of fighting wars on terrorism, countries like Britain are supporting the very terrorists that belong nowhere, not on the streets of London or Paris or Brussels, but also not on the streets of Aleppo, Pristina or Benghazi.

The double standards, totally illogical priorities and rhetorical confusion must end if terrorism is to ever be scaled back as a global force for evil.

No one in Britain, the US, Belgium, France or Germany fears Russian terrorism because no such thing exists. The sooner that governments in Europe and North America realise this, the safer everyone will be. It will also make security measures a reflection of the democratic values that many claim to be fighting for.

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