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DEVASTATING! Trump Campaign Releases BEST VIDEO AD of the Year – "Let Them Eat Ice Cream" (VIDEO)

This was brutal.

The Trump campaign released a hard-hitting anti-Pelosi ad on Monday.

Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) showed off her expensive kitchen appliances and massive gourmet ice cream collection during an appearance on a late night show as Americans stand in line at food banks.

Millions of Americans are now unemployed and standing in line at food banks because Pelosi wasted time trying to ram illegal ballot harvesting, federal funding for abortion and climate change related provisions in the Coronavirus bill.

Now she’s delaying approving an extension to the Paycheck Protection Program which would give struggling small businesses loans to keep their employees on payroll.

The Trump camp torched Pelosi and showed the video of her standing in front of her $24,000 refrigerators stocked full of gourmet ice cream that goes for $13 a pint while Americans are struggling to get by.

This was Pelosi’s Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake moment.”

The Trump camp gave Pelosi a new nickname: Nancy Antoinette – “Let them eat ice cream.”


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April 22, 2020

Unbelievably, Whoopie Goldberg and one of her cronies on THE VIEW defended Pelosi. They said she bought the ice cream from a small business and was doing her bit for the economy. Unreal.

April 22, 2020

If the PPP is for small business simply to pay their workers, why not just send money straight to the employee, by passing the business owner? The only reason you would give this to small is business is so they can steal the money or at least garnish the gross amount for their own bank accounts. Give the money to the people and let them spend it, the business will get the money from increased trade.

Black Picard
April 22, 2020

I wonder which video will have the biggest impact on the gullible American electorate. Did you guys see this video of Barbara Streisand doing her best to “influence” the 2020 “elections” (er selections)? I gotta admit, her handlers did a fantastic job on pinning the blame on the 4D chessman. This could potentially impact Trump’s chances of reelection if it picks up steam: Barbra Streisand – Don’t Lie to Me (Official Lyric Video) “Don’t Lie To Me” music video written and directed by Barbra Streisand from her new album WALLS. So, let’s have a vote. Which video will have… Read more »

Occam's razor
Occam's razor
April 23, 2020

Once again a poor choice of illiterate trump BS/propaganda.. “Let them eat cake” story had been floating around for years before 1789. It was first told in a slightly different form about Marie-Thérèse, the Spanish princess who married King Louis XIV in 1660. She allegedly suggested that the French people eat “la croûte de pâté” (or the crust of the pâté). Over the next century, several other 18th-century royals were also blamed for the remark, including two aunts of Louis XVI. Most famously, the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau included the pâté story in his “Confessions” in 1766, attributing the words to… Read more »

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