Desperate Liberals show they are no friends to American Democracy

It is important to note that such talk is not limited to a lunatic fringe, but is openly being advocated for by powerful individuals within the U.S. establishment. It is also more than merely an exercise in denialism as what is being advocated for, namely a manipulation of the Electoral College, is, while unlikely to actually succeed, still a theoretical possibility.

The scheme being advocated for involves convincing the actual members who comprise the Electoral College to switch their votes, thus electing Hillary Clinton (or possibly an establishment republican) in place of Donald Trump.

Within the context of the Electoral College, this is possible as the electors aren’t legally bound to a candidate and, at least in theory, can vote for any candidate of their choosing. However in practice, at least for all of recorded American history, this has never happened, as the electors have traditionally always preferred to honor the will of the voters of their states.

If such an event, occurred the ramifications would be profound, as Liberals would essentially have executed a kind of bloodless coup. It is not at all hyperbole to state that it would completely undermine the American Democratic process. The possibility of violence would be all too real, as many of the Americans who cast their vote for Trump would rightly perceive that the election had been stolen from them.

Furthermore, any pretense that the results of American elections actually represent the will of the people would be shattered. Such an event would also cast a shadow over every subsequent election, with the question of whether the electors, who are merely a group of unelected, mid-level political functionaries, would choose to honor the will of the voters or unilaterally decide to change their vote to please outside interests.

What is most significant about these plots isn’t that they are a real threat to Trump’s Presidency, again their likelihood of success is quite low, but rather what they indicate about the present mindset the U.S. Liberal establishment.

What these calls for electoral subterfuge indicate is that the Liberal elite, who have long held power throughout the U.S. deep state (which includes Academia, the Media and the various bureaucracies which comprise the federal government etc.) find the threat of losing that power to be deeply abhorrent. So abhorrent in fact, that they would be willing to go to almost any length, however, nefarious or unethical in order to maintain it.

They are even willing to go so far as to undermine the very system, American Electoral Democracy, from which they claim to derive their legitimacy. This may seem odd given the U.S. establishment’s penchant for giving moralizing sermons to other nations which it deems to be insufficiently democratic. Nations such as Russia and China have been regular recipients of this kind of invective along with any other nation which is deemed to threaten U.S. geopolitical interests.  

This seeming inconsistency only seems odd if you assume that Liberal elites actually believe their own rhetoric regarding democracy, human rights and the like. However if one understands this posturing for what it is: cynical propaganda in service to an international power elite, the actions of the U.S. establishment to undermine their supposed sacred values of democracy makes much more sense.

These elites aren’t actually interested in promoting democracy but rather in using democracy as a vehicle with which to promote the financial interests of their corporate clients, such as the generous donors who contributed to the Clinton Foundation, as well as the geopolitical ambitions of Neoconservative Ideologues.

As long as they were able to manufacture consent for their agenda, via control of the corporate news ecosystem and the U.S. two-party duopoly all was well. American “Democracy” could proceed according to the script which they had written for it, which included the election of that scion of the establishment, Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Donald Trump’s successful campaign of insurgent populism has now changed this calculation.

A democracy which doesn’t play out according to the elite consensus is no longer useful to them and will, therefore, be scrapped for a more favorable alternative. The Liberal elite hasn’t yet totally written off American democracy, however, as they are presently engaged in a feverish witch hunt to suppress so-called “fake news,” in hopes of allowing the corporate media to regain its monopoly on information and thus maintain the establishment’s ability to manufacture consent.

But this attempt to suppress alternative media, given the open and nature of the internet, which has hitherto resisted regulations, will, like their attempt at unseating Trump, most likely not succeed. Alternative voices and viewpoints will continue to grow online which contradict the U.S. corporate media’s official narratives.

While this will certainly be a positive development for regular citizens, it will be a significant blow to the Washington establishment’s grip on power. And with their power under assault Liberal elites will seek ever more extreme measures in order to skirt the will of the people of which the attempted manipulation of U.S. election results is merely the beginning of. Until, eventually, they may decide to try and scrap democracy, a system which no longer serves their interests, itself. An endeavor which, as we can see, they have already begun to contemplate.

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